KNOW NAME RECORDS exclusive interview with
Know Name Records: First off, this is not a question but a chance for
you to let us know what your current projects are as far as a new
album, touring or other projects.
Bob Welch: I live in Nashville and have done a lot of co-writing. Had a
Kenny Rogers cut awhile ago. Have had songs used in movies, like
“Almost Famous” and “About Schmidt”.Just did the Bluebird café  
“NSAI fundraiser” with Jim Peterick(“Eye Of The Tiger” , “Vehicle”)
Chas Sandford (“Missing You”) , and Roger Cook (“Long
Cool Woman In A Black  Dress”) some of which you can hear on my
website, where I also have quite a few other mp3’s up
(free , so far.) I put out an experimental “nu-jazz” CD in ’99 called “Bob
Welch Looks At Bop” , and a retrospective of all new digital re-
recordings of a lot of my solo and Fleetwood Mac songs called “Bob
Welch ; His Fleetwood Mac Years And Beyond” in ’03 on One Way
Records. It looks like I’ll have a new CD with a lot of brand new material
out in ’06. (Title is not yet decided.) I record now exclusively in my own
project studio “Focus 27”. I’ve also produced a few other artists for WB
Nashville , among others.

KNR: Bob Welch’s biggest contribution to music history is....
Bob : moving Fleetwood Mac to LA where they hooked up with Stevie
and Lindsey . I honestly think the band would have broken up had I not
done that. When I say “I” , I’m talking about the period when Mick
Fleetwood and I co-managed the group , so of course we made these
decisions together. But I was the one who really pushed hard for the
idea for us to leave England.

KNR:  What has been the biggest highlight for you in your musical
Bob: winning Billboard’s “best new artist of ’78” award , and playing for
300,000 people at Cal Jam II .

KNR: Obvious follow up. What has been the lowest point in your
musical career?
Bob: The various lawsuits I’ve had to go through , both before , during,
and after Fleetwood Mac.

KNR: Where do you see the music business in five years as far as
technology is concerned?
Bob: “recording studios” that fit in the palm of your hand, most music
being bought (or stolen ;-) by download , as mp3s .

KNR: What is your favorite Bob Welch song to play live?
Bob: “Hypnotized” , “Outskirts”.

KNR: What is your favorite song outside of your own?
Bob: ”Surfs Up” by Brian Wilson.

KNR: What current bands have caught your interest?
Bob: I try to keep up but on this one I have to say “uhhhhhhh” ;-)
Ashlee Simpson has a nice rear-end ? But that’s not musical ;-)

KNR: You have experience hosting TV shows like HOLLYWOOD
HEARTBEAT and some MTV shows, would you like to do more TV?
Bob: Maybe as a “guest” . not a “host” !

KNR: What is your favorite city to play?
Bob: Honolulu , for obvious reasons ;-)

KNR: Have you ever been mistaken for the Bob Welch who pitched for
the Los Angeles Dodgers?
Bob: On my website mail , once or twice. In person , never; “that” Bob
Welch, (who I’ve met) is 6”4’ and 220 pounds ;-)

KNR: What musicians were influences for you?
Bob: James Brown , Ray Charles , Charlie Parker , The Beatles ,

KNR: Outside of music, what occupies your time?
Bob: Fixing stuff around the house. There’s ALWAYS something ;-)

KNR: The FRENCH KISS album cover has to be one of the sexiest
covers of all-time; can you let us in on the making of the album cover?

Bob: The model on the cover, Ellie Seibert , was actually the wife of
Capitol records Midwest album promotion man , Mike Seibert. She was
a Dallas model for Neiman-Marcus. We had been fooling around one
day taking pictures and came up with something like the cover shot.
We showed it to the art department at Capitol Records, and they
agreed to shoot it professionally as a possible cover. Needless to say ,
it worked ;-)

KNR: What performer(s) would you pay to see in concert?
Bob: Phil Collins Big Band , Van Halen , Barbra Streisand (believe it or
not ;-)

KNR: You are stranded on an island with one CD, which one would it
Bob: “Surfs Up” The Beachboys.

KNR: Would you ever play as a member of Fleetwood Mac if asked?
Bob: Sure !

KNR: What has been the largest crowd you have performed in front of?
Bob: 300,000 at “Cal Jam II in California.

KNR: Your favorite decade for music has been the....
Bob: Mid-sixties , early seventies.

KNR: Any plans on visiting the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area for a show?
Bob: No plans to tour at the moment , but if I do , the Twin Cities will
certainly be on my list….
This Bob Welch
has never played
with Fleetwood
Mac. The Dodgers
and A's but never
Fleetwood Mac.
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