Kelly is yet another fine musician from Canada. She grew up in British Columbia. Her latest CD, Dirty
Dishes, spans several music genres from pop to old school country. What you do feel from this
album is a very heartfelt effort by Kelly and her crew. It is nice to hear that in a musician. She has
been compared to Sheryl Crow but she is more true to her music. You can only  find this CD at our
Portland Avenue store and no where else in the Twin Cities. It is well worth checking out a musician
that is on her way to a successful career.    B+

Probably the best metal product from Detroit in some years. FORGE has the heavy sound that will
appeal to the heaviest fans of metal. They attack with two guitars and a tight percussion squad. The
vocals are melodic and clear. There is some 70's metal influences running through this album which
should appeal to fans of Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. That being said you can also hear current
metal influences as well. This is another Twin Cities exclusive only to be found at the Portland
Avenue store.   B
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